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The file sizes for JRE downloads on the download page for jre-6u31 vary greatly between platforms. Since they provide essentially the same functionality, I would have expected that they are roughly the same size. Why are they so different?

Windows          16.1 MB 
Solaris (32-Bit) 25.2 MB 
Solaris (64-Bit) 11.2 MB + 25.2 MB 32-bit Solaris 
Solaris x86      20.3 MB
Solaris x64       7.5 MB
Linux RPM        20.2 MB
Linux            20.7 MB
Linux x64        20.3 MB 
Linux x64 RPM    19.7 MB  
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interesting question though I wonder if it has anything to do with programming at all... –  posdef Apr 25 '12 at 9:08

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I would say they are roughtly the same. What varies is the amount of libraries which come with the platform and which need to be added. e.g. can the JRE use a LZM library which comes with the OS or does it need to provide its own. (Just an example).

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Because JRE not uses jvm, JRE source code differs according platform.

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The JRE doesn't include the source. If you download the source, it includes all the source for all platforms. –  Peter Lawrey Apr 25 '12 at 9:23

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