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I need outputs every 'article' ,'Id' that is linked in the menues at once, all in one page, each within a div id=articleID. The output could be handles with a module and i could install and update this module in joomla 2.5

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Code below should do:

//  init
$searchBase = 'index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=';
$articles = array();

//  get all menu items and find links to articles
$menu = JFactory::getApplication()->getMenu()->getItems('type', 'component');
foreach ($items  as $item) {
    $id = str_replace($searchBase, '', $item->link, $count);
    if ($count){
        $articles[] = (int) $id;

//  build query for articles info
$csvIds = implode(',', $articles);
$sql = "select id, title from #__content WHERE published=1 AND id IN ($csvIds)";
// TODO: query and process
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