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I'm interested in using the WMD editor in another project* but I'm not quite sure which version I should go with.

From trawling through the Stack overflow blog I've found mention of a version on google code, plus cky's version on github, as well as derobin's, which appears to be a more up to date version.

Then of course there are a bunch of forks, which is leaving me a bit lost on where to begin. I suspect the answer will be to use derobin's version but thought I would check the collected wisdom before I dive in.


* Specifically, I want to try and integrate it with Drupal's WYSIWYG module, but I don't think that has significant bearing on the question.

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Well, looks like derobin's version is the winner.

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See episode 35 (30 December 2008) of the Stack Overflow podcast, which has some discussion on the WMD control. Minutes: 27-34.

https://stackoverflow.fogbugz.com/default.asp?W29022 for the transcript wiki

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