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I need to convert the html receipt to pdf file. in html file I also have php information. How can I provide such a thing? could you suggest me with codes.

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Surely this question has been asked before here? Check the Related section on the right. – halfer Apr 25 '12 at 9:52

This is going to be a listing question, but we've used DOMPDF as @skippy suggested, and rejected it because it is a REAL troublemaker when tables surpass a page.

We've moved to , which is -in my opinion- way better. It's being used in a production environment sending out lots of pdfs per day. It uses the webkit rendering enginge (you know, the one that chrome uses) and is therefore awesome :)

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Have you taken a look at the DOMPDF project ? It simply rockz...

If that is not enough, you may want to browse StackOverflow itself :

Convert HTML + CSS to PDF with PHP?

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Try using this to automagically convert html to pdf:

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Try this

it works like a charm. :)

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My company has a product called DocRaptor that converts HTML to PDF using an HTTP POST request.

DocRaptor is built using Prince, and produces higher quality results than similar programs.

Here's a link to DocRaptor's homepage:


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I am using this code there is no need to installation of any thing .

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