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I'm trying to prevent a mousewheel event captured by an element of the page to cause scrolling.

I expected 'false' as last parameter to have the expected result, but using the mouse wheel over this "canvas" element still causes scrolling:

this.canvas.addEventListener('mousewheel',function(event){mouseController.wheel(event)}, false);

Outside of this "canvas" element, the scroll needs to happen. Inside, it must only trigger the .wheel() method. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks! J.

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    return false;
}, false);
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+1: I had the exact same problem as this and a return false; worked –  Neil Knight Apr 25 '12 at 9:49
All right! Indeed, that does it. Thanks :-) –  Jem Apr 25 '12 at 9:52

Have you tried event.preventDefault()?

}, false);
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Yep, like function(event){event.preventDefault(); mouseController.wheel(event)} –  Jem Apr 25 '12 at 9:48
Ahh, I forgot to return false. Thanks for your time! –  Jem Apr 25 '12 at 9:52

This kind of cancellation seems to be ignored in newer Chrome >18 Browsers (and perhaps other WebKit based Browsers). To exclusively capture the event you must directly change the onmousewheel method of the element.

this.canvas.onmousewheel = function(ev){
    //perform your own Event dispatching here
    return false;
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Just adding, I know that canvas is only HTML5 so this is not needed, but just in case someone wants crossbrowser/oldbrowser compatibility, use this:

/* To attach the event: */
addEvent(el, ev, func) {
    if (el.addEventListener) {
        el.addEventListener(ev, func, false);
    } else if (el.attachEvent) {
        el.attachEvent("on" + ev, func);
    } else {
        el["on"+ev] = func; // Note that this line does not stack events. You must write you own stacker if you don't want overwrite the last event added of the same type. Btw, if you are going to have only one function for each event this is perfectly fine.

/* To prevent the event: */
addEvent(this.canvas, "mousewheel", function(event) {
    if (!event) event = window.event;
    event.returnValue = false;
    if (event.preventDefault)event.preventDefault();
    return false;
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