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I want to automate enterprise deployment as a post-build action which triggers after archiving, a script following these steps:

  1. Use 'Distribute...' action in the Organizer for the latest archived build
  2. Use the 'Save for Enterprise or Ad-Hoc Deployment' option
  3. Select the pre-defined signing identity
  4. Activate 'Save for Enterprise Distribution' and fill out the fields (URL, Title etc.)
  5. Save the ipa and plist files in a given path

Is it possible to create a script automating these actions? Any help would be appreciated.

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A lot of these things can be done using the terminal, hence you can use it to build your apps for distribution. This post might help you a lot, it did help me when I wanted to do CI using Jenkins.

Running xcodebuild from a forked terminal

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@drowntoge did this help you? –  Paul Peelen Apr 29 '12 at 18:08

I think you can use command line build tools to achieve the goal. The building and archiving actions in Xcode depend on these tools.

Refer to:

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