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From LinkedIn developer forum thread I downloaded this sample:, it works.

When I use:

string response = _oauth.APIWebRequest(

It returns all groups.

But when I use:

string response = _oauth.APIWebRequest(

It returns the error:

400 bad request

I used a groups id hard-coded which exist and return by 1st. I tried to follow the documentation. Anyone face this problem before or I am missing something.

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@abatishchev Sorry its a type mistake. I edit the Question.Thanks. – Shree Apr 25 '12 at 11:01
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You don't need the curly braces around the ID. The curly braces indicate that you're going to put a variable there. Try:{2139884}/posts:(creation-timestamp,title,summary,creator:(first-name,last-name,picture-url,headline),likes,attachment:(image-url,content-domain,content-url,title,summary),relation-to-viewer)?category=discussion&order=recency&modified-since=1302727083000&count=5
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Thanks for reply.But before 2 days when I post this Question application run perfectly but today when I try to get oAuth Request Token and oAuth Request TokenSecret its give a 400 bad request.I am surprise before 2 days its work.Is there any issue of expire developers API Key and Secret Key?Thanks for help. – Shree Apr 27 '12 at 6:37

Double check your server time. I experienced the same the issue before I changed it (the issue started to happen after the summer time change).

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