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I have a simple folder tree:


I need a .htaccess that denies access for all subfolders in orders folder and any file in them too. Also I can't predict the file types in those folders. I plan to access the files with PHP (and only with PHP so no direct links) from an admin area with file_get_contents(), but I can't let anyone to guess the folders and files as they are private (despite the fact I use hash with a salt for folder names so it is hard to guess).

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Write this in you .htaccess:

deny from all

After this you'll get error 403 when you try to access these sub-folders.

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OMG that easy? This is a huge facepalm on my side, I always thought deny from all is for the given folder we are in and not for subfolders. Thank you. I accept this as soon as the system let me to do it. –  TheNAkos Apr 25 '12 at 10:28

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