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I bound a function as a closure to an anchor like this:

jQuery('#mydiv').find('#mya').bind('click', function(e){

In my function myotherfunction(obj), obj is an event, how do I get the parent-Element?

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With this:


You might want to refactor your code to this:

jQuery('#mya').bind('click', function(e){

function myotherfunction(obj){
    var $parent = jQuery(obj).parent();

Best practices:

  • obj is a bad name for the event variable.
  • id should be unique so you can search by it only:
    jQuery('#mydiv').find('#mya') => jQuery('#mya')
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Thanks a lot, especially for your best practice-statements. Those are a great help for my growth as a JQuery-User. – Jochen Apr 25 '12 at 11:42

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