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Each time when pressing tree node then selectegNodeChanged event triggered and page is reloaded.So, i lost some data stored in Dictionary,ArrayList...How to prevent those data losing?

So, I stored those Dictionary and ArrayList as "static".It is now resolved my problem.

Is it good way to do that?

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No. Do not use static. Try to store these in ViewState or Session instead. You can consider ViewState if it is not a large amount of data. static will be accessible across Session and is not a good practice.

You can create properties and avoid code duplication like shown below.

    public ArrayList TreeNodeDataList
            ViewState["TreeNodeDataList"] = value;
            if (ViewState["TreeNodeDataList"] == null)
                return (new ArrayList());
                return (ViewState["TreeNodeDataList"] as ArrayList);

Now, when you want to re-assign data, read TreeNodeDataList property. If count of that ArrayList is 0, fetch from DB, else use it.

Hope I am clear enough.

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