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I'm new to Nhibernate. My problem is that I want to narrow down a query by using a column that is not included in my entity (ie hbm). I want to do something like this:

    .SQL_Where("MyFlag = 1")

Since I have no use of that flag later I don't want to include it to the entity

I know I can use:

    .CreateSQLQuery("SELECT A,B,C FROM ENTITY WHERE MyFlag = 1")

It would be nice to use QueryOver<>(), it's more safe if a column is added etc.

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You may be able to use filters:-

Put a filter on your mappings class definition, however this will affect ALL returned rows


<class name="Domain.Model.MyEntity, Domain.Model" table="MyTable" 

or it may be possible to use conditional filters with QueryOver

<filter-def name="SetMyFlag">
    <filter-param name=":flag" type="System.Int"/>

<class name="Domain.Model.MyEntity, Domain.Model" table="MyTable">
  <filter name="SetMyFlag" condition="(MyFlag=:flag)"/>

and use:-

session.EnableFilter("SetMyFlag").SetParameter("flag", 1);

Although I have never use conditional filters with unmapped columns so this may not work!

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Can I ask a question did you use the EnableFilter? If so did you try it without the <filter-param ..> and using just session.EnableFilter("SetMyFlag") without chaining the setParameter(...). I am curious that's all! – Rippo Apr 27 '12 at 6:37

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