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I have used an asp:GridView with ClientIDMode="Static" and ID="GridView2" that shows some specific results let,s say accounts details on a button click.

First i was Databounding the grid and every thing was o.k other than postback delay and whole page redraw.

(GridView2.DataSource = datatable.DefaultView;

Now i am using ajax to update this grid(I create the html of grid in ajax function and overwrite it on Grid html like that


),it is drawing properly but now i am unable to access its rows on server side.

for (int rows = 0; rows < mayDataGrid.Rows.Count; rows++)//.Rows.Count is always 0 but in html it is there.

Please guide me what i am doing wrong.

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you should wrap GridView in UpdatePanel to ajaxify the grid instead of manually injecting html in dom element – Shoaib Shaikh Apr 25 '12 at 11:01
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When a gridview renders it also renders its ControlState in ViewState, when a page postbacks grid's current state (row changes like add/edit/delete etc.) detected on server by this ControlState and not by html markup (you are changing).

Thus any changes to the html will not take effect at serverside.

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