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Stats 1 | Stats 2

Looking at the statistics & considering I'm evil enough to forget about 5 % of the people of the world,

Will it be safe to move on to flash 10 (from currently 9), as a standard, in a website which gets roughly 1 million unique visits every month?

Is there anything else I should account for? What do the majority of the companies currently support as the minimum?

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You should use your statistics agent to check the Flash version penetration among your audience. With Google Analalytics, go to Audience, Technology, Browser and then Flash version. Make a decision with the accurate data instead of global stats.

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It's not just for our website. Also as we don't use google analytics, we have already added our own version trackers. It's was more of a question about general market interest & the version it currently targets. – loxxy Apr 26 '12 at 7:40
I guess it really depends on your audience. I have worked for companies where the update policy was middle-agish and every computer would stick to Flash 8. If you have a broad audience, since Flash automaticaly updates itself, you can target the last version. – Kodiak Apr 26 '12 at 7:59

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