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The problem is not big but logic comes hard sometime so the same is there. I have to save the customer data into a sql tables. the customer record looks like this in a excel shet. The contract duration lies 6 month or 12 month. every customer pay in installments after a month. every month have two records installment amount and commision amount. the excel sheet has record data like this


for this i have define these tables in sql: enter image description here

Are these tables are in correct manner? And i'm confused about the month name record do i put it in the installment table with every installment like (firstInstallmentMonth,firstinstallment,firstinstallmentCommision)

I'm confused, guide me seniors?

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the INSTALLMENT table is not normalized correctly. look at breaking out the groups of FIRST, SECOND, THIRD etc – Randy Apr 25 '12 at 11:38
Kindly little example? – buddy Apr 25 '12 at 11:43
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I think you want to normalise the Installment table to something like

    contract_id     -- FK to contract table
    date            -- used to specify month and date
    instalment      -- the instalment amount
    commission      -- the commission amount
    primary key (contract_id, date)

The you can go through your excel sheet and create an entry for each installment (note, this is pseudocode):

insert into INSTALMENT 
   (contract_id, to_date('01-01-year', 'DD-MM-YYYY'), JanuaryInstalment, JanuaryCommission)
insert into INSTALMENT 
   (contract_id, to_date('01-02-year', 'DD-MM-YYYY'), FebruaryInstalment, FebruaryCommission)
insert into INSTALMENT 
   (contract_id, to_date('01-03-year', 'DD-MM-YYYY'), MarchInstalment, MarchCommission)


EDIT2: added the pseudo to_date date format to avoid confusion.

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Yes this i want thanksssssssssss – buddy Apr 25 '12 at 11:46

I suggest reading this:

I would put the month in the "Installment" table, because each Installment has a different month

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