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What is the recommended way to create dynamic URLs in Javascript files when using flask? In the jinja2 templates and within the python views url_for is used, what is the recommended way to do this in .js files? Since they are not interpreted by the template engine.

What basically want to do is:

// in comments.js

Which is not possible.

But naturally, I can execute that in a template:

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The Flask documentation suggests using url_for in your HTML file to set a variable containing the root URL that you can access elsewhere. Then, you would have to manually build the view URLs on top of that, although I guess you could store them similar to the root URL.

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Not that pretty, but I guess it will have to do! –  ErikPerik May 9 '12 at 8:56
Now that I think about it again, wouldn't it be possible to write a Flask extension that sees the URL routing defined in the Python code and dynamically translates it (whenever something changes) into equivalent JavaScript code, thus providing an equivalent url_for in JavaScript? –  dumbmatter May 9 '12 at 14:47

@jeremy's answer is correct and probably the more common approach, but as an alternative answer, note that dantezhu wrote and published a flask extension that claims to do the exact url-route-map-to-javascript translation suggested in the comment.

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I use this dirty and ugly trick:

"{{url_for('mypage', name=metadata.name,scale=93,group=2)}}"

where scale is the javascript variable I want to use for an AJAX request. So, url_for generate an URL and JavaScript replace the parameter at runtime. The generated code is something like:


which is pretty strange, but still can't find more elegant solutions.

In fact, looking at the code of the linked flask extension, it does the same thing but managing the general case.

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