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I implemented a bayer demosaicing and thats works so far, but it is quite slow. I am novice to matlab and figured already that for-loops are usually a bad way of doing things.

That is my algorithim in pseudo-code, can anyone give me a hint how to matlabize it a bit more?

pic = zero(width, height, 3)
for i=1:Width
   for j=1:Height
       if isbluevalue(i, j)
          pic(i,j) = getOtherTwoValues(...)
       if isredvalue(i,j)
          //do accordingly
       if isgreenvalue(i,j)
          //do accordingly

Is there a way to get rid of the for-loops?

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There is a built-in function in Matlab that does Bayer demosaicing.

 RGB = demosaic(I, sensorAlignment);
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You might be able to do what you want with Matlab's logical indexing. For example, you might write

pic(isbluevalue(pic)) = getOtherTwoValues(...)

Note that this only works if your function isbluevalue() works on the elements of pic, rather than the numbers i and j.

If this doesn't help, explain your needs a little more fully.

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