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I wrote a function called product:

product [] = 1
product (x:xs) = x * product xs

When I load it into WinHug:

ERROR file:.\product.hs:4 - Ambiguous variable occurrence "product"
*** Could refer to: Main.product Hugs.Prelude.product

What does this mean?

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There is already a function named product in the Haskell Prelude.

By the way, you should install the Haskell Platform instead of Hugs; Hugs is an old project that is no longer being maintained, and GHC/i is far more well-supported and has more features. Even if your school wants you to use Hugs, it doesn't hurt to secretly use the Haskell Platform with GHCi in private.

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The product function is defined in the Haskell Prelude.

Your local definition conflicts with the library version.

Consider renaming your version as e.g. myproduct or import Prelude hiding (product).

Also, you might want to consider using GHC instead of Hugs.

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