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I need your advice on how to organize a GUI in flash application. See image: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/32811/Screen%20Shot%202012-04-25%20at%2015.40.31%20.png

Application is video player. I have buttons group that must be hidden when the mouse is out of the player. I added a Sprite, and all my buttons i have added as a child of this sprite. In this case i hide the parent, rather than each button individually.

There are several problems:

  • When parent Sprite resize occurred, all of his children resizes with him.
  • I would like to position children relative to their container, but it is very difficult, because i can not set width and height of parent sprite.

I would like to set the width and height of the parent Sprite, position buttons inside, and any resizing in it will occur automatically.

The question is: I am using the wrong tools, or use them somehow wrong? Are there any GUI frameworks that can help with building layout?

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It's called Flex. –  Amy Blankenship Apr 25 '12 at 12:43

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write this line at Creation Complete Event or any where at beginning of code


it will maintain aspect ratio of application so all children of application will resize and scale properly

try this it will work

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