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I know this has been discussed before, but with no results for me.

The problem is that deviceready() is only fired once, the first time on "list" page. I can´t get it to work on article pages. And when I go back from a "article" page to "articlelist" the event is still out of work. I need the menubutton operative in every data-role="page".

The js:

 <script type='text/javascript'>
 function onLoad() {
    document.addEventListener("deviceready", onDeviceReady, false); 

 function onDeviceReady() {
   document.addEventListener("menubutton", onMenuKeyDown, false);       

   function onMenuKeyDown() {
    alert('Menu pressed');


<body onload="onLoad()">
 <div id="list" data-role="page">
   <ul id="articleList" data-role="listview">
    <li id="list1"><a id="link1" href="#article1"></li>  
    <li id="list2"><a id="link1" href="#article2"></li>  

<div id="article1" data-role="page">Content</div>
<div id="article2" data-role="page">Content</div>

I'm with: cordova-1.5.0 / /jquery-1.7.1 /Android

Any help please?

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I just quickly tested this in the app I'm working on right now and it works. Phonegap-1.6.1 and final

Perhaps you should try upgrading your phonegap and

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Yeap!! Tested with final & phonegap 1.7rc1 and working great!! – Carlos M. Apr 30 '12 at 10:18

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