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I ran into an odd issue where I couldn't get either the Chrome or Firebug debuggers to stop at breakpoints I was setting. The page ran fine, it was writing to the console, just none of my breakpoints would stop the page.

It turned out that if I removed the jQuery Mobile include file:

<script src="lib/jquery.mobile-1.1.0.min.js"></script>

then the debugger worked as expected (I'm using JQM for mobile styling, so if I remove the include file my styles just don't work - no JS errors or anything).

I see no errors in the console related to JQM so I'm not sure why that file is causing problems with the debugger. Any ideas?

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The problem is that my html page does not have a div with "data-role=page" in it (those are created by JS in my app). I added an empty div with that attribute and the debugger started working again. I can't take credit for the fix, it belongs to Kin Blas.

See full details here:


This might happen for anyone using templates through Underscore or Mustache and loading them as separate files with Javascript. I am using Backbone and Underscore.

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