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I'm running Mac OS Lion using the built-in version of Vim (7.3) via the terminal.

I am attempting to install the Vim-CSS-Plugin. I have Pathogen installed and working but when I cloned the repository to my bundle directory it didn't work. I then move the after/syntax directory to .vim/after/syntax as per the plugin's help page but that didn't work, either.

How can I get this plugin working on Mac OS X?

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Setting the following variable in .vimrc made it work inside terminal also.

set t_Co=256


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Although I couldn't get it working with the built-in Terminal, it works on Macvim just fine.

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in your vimrc, do have:

set nocompatible


filetype plugin indent on


call pathogen#infect('~/.vim/bundle')


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Yes, I have all of those. Unfortunately, it still doesn't work. – Patrick Kenny Apr 28 '12 at 15:45

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