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I have uploaded my data genotype1_large_ind_large.txt phenotype1_large_ind_large_1.txt

to the S3 system, and in the EMR UI, I set the parameter like below

RunDear.run s3n://scalability/genotype1_large_ind_large.txt s3n://scalability/phenotype1_large_ind_large_1.txt s3n://scalability/output_1phe 33 10 4

In my class RunDear.run I will distribute the file genotype1_large_ind_large.txt and phenotype1_large_ind_large_1.txt to the cache

However, after running the EMR, I get the following error: java.io.FileNotFoundException: File does not exist: /genotype1_large_ind_large.txt

I am wondering why there is slash '/' in front of the file name? how to make it work?

I also tried to use like below, but my program will take -cacheFile as an argument, thus also does not work,

RunDear.run -cacheFile s3n://scalability/genotype1_large_ind_large.txt#genotype.txt -cacheFile s3n://scalability/phenotype1_large_ind_large_1.txt#phenotype.txt s3n://scalability/output_1phe 33 280 4

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I finally realize it is the problem of using the filesystem, so I add a code in the program like below FileSystem fs = FileSystem.get( URI.create("s3://scalability"), conf);

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