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The HTML code looks like this

<div id="txtarea" contenteditable="true">Some text</div>

I have to insert some new text based on some event at a particular position in the above div. The event calls the function say updateDiv(txt, positon). For example it says
updateDiv("more ",5);

So the div should become be

<div id="txtarea" contenteditable="true">Some more text</div>

I tried a lot of javascript and jquery but nothing seem to work.

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@RokoC.Buljan: No, that question relates to textareas, not contenteditable. –  Tim Down Apr 25 '12 at 12:38
Inserting string at position x of another string: stackoverflow.com/questions/4364881/… –  RASG Apr 25 '12 at 13:20

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Here's how I did it:

var position = 5,
    txt = "more ";
var current = $("#txtarea").html();
//alert(current.substring(0, position))
var endVal = current.substring(position);
var newValue = current.substring(0, position) + txt + endVal;

jsfiddle displaying it 'in action'.

Edit: Updated the jsfiddle with the approach listed in a comment above to this post. Pretty slick!

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but this moves the cursor position. Its contenteditable div –  MeetM Apr 25 '12 at 15:19
@MeetM; yes, wiping out the html() of the div will move the cursor position. You never mentioned what event was generating the need to insert text. Presumably you must be trying to bind to a keyboard event. But if you are inserting text into something while someone is typing, they might not like it. –  veeTrain Apr 25 '12 at 15:38

If the content of your editable <div> always consists of a single text node, this is relatively simple and you can use the code below.

var div = document.getElementById("txtarea");
var textNode = div.firstChild;
textNode.data = textNode.data.slice(0, 5) + "more " + textNode.data.slice(5);

Otherwise, you'll need to read about DOM Ranges (note that they are not supported in IE < 9) and use something like this answer to create a range corresponding to character indices within the content and then use insertNode().

var div = document.getElementById("txtarea");
var range = createRangeFromCharacterIndices(div, 5, 5);
range.insertNode(document.createTextNode("more "));
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A contentEditable div with line breaks will always have more nodes in the form of <br>? How is it possible to have a single text node? –  Rafael Diaz Jun 3 at 2:45
@RafaelDiaz: The code in the question has a contenteditable element with a single text node. In general, obviously it's unlikely that an application using contenteditable would be much use if it only allowed the user to edit a single text node with no formatting. –  Tim Down Jun 3 at 9:05

use this function :

String.prototype.splice = function( position, newstring ) {
    return (this.slice(0,position) + newstring + this.slice(position));

and use this function as :

var oldstr=$('#txtarea').html();
var newstr='more';
var position = 5;
$('#txtarea').html(oldstr.splice(position , newstr);
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