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I want to dump a select query to a tab-delimited text file using psql -F. However, this doesn't work:

psql -Umyuser mydb -F '\t' --no-align -c "select * from mytable" -o /tmp/dumpfile.txt

That makes the delimiter a literal \t. How do I get it to use real tabs instead?

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I think you just need to use a literal tab. How this works depends on your shell. Have you seen this post?

In the bash shell you can do this with $'\t'.

Using the example in your question:

psql -Umyuser mydb -F $'\t' --no-align -c "select * from mytable" -o /tmp/dumpfile.txt
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Thanks! That thread helped. I got it to work using psql -Umyuser mydb -F $'\t' --no-align -c "select * from mytable" -o /tmp/dumpfile.txt – Jamie Forrest Apr 25 '12 at 12:58
the comment from Jammie Forrest is very useful. fbarber perhaps could add it to the answer – Dimitris Mar 11 '13 at 14:09

In Unix, you can also type

ctrl-V tab

ctrl-V tells the terminal not to interpret the next key.

This also works with carriage returns (^M) and many other special keys like arrow keys

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