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I am making web application using GWT toolkit in eclipse and my application is running successfully as we run from eclipse to right click on project and select Run as web project. But when i make war file from eclipse-ide to Right-click on the project, pick Export, then WAR file so it does'nt work.It give me error "enter module name" it does'nt detect automatically module name. it happens only when i make a web application with gwt plugin otherwise in simple web dynamic application war file create easily with eclipse ide.i want to know how to make a war file in eclipse? And how to deploy my gwt application with tomcat server? Thanks Rahul

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WAR files are just compressed version of your built web app projects. One simple way to make them is to use jar.exe in JDK package. That's enough to run this command after building your project in eclipse to compress those files as a WAR file:

jar -cvf name_of_jar_file.war -C /path-to-app-built-dir /path-to-put-jar-file

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Take a look to this other question: create a .war file from gwt-project

In fact the real answer will depend if you want to use ANT or Maven.

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  1. Open your project.
  2. Navigate to war folder.
  3. Go to File>Export>Archive File
  4. Export your war FOLDER as zip file.
  5. Change your file extension form .zip to .war
  6. Keep calm and enjoy your war file.
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