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I need an alternative to using the CF function imageNew(). I started to use ImageCFC. However I cannot find a way to read an image and create an image object using imageCFC. It only seems to write to file from the API docs found here (

My question is using imageCFC how can I create a image object without writing to file?

imageCFC = createObject("component","imagecfc.image" );
local.img1 = imageCFC.readImage("D:\\#arguments.imageName#");

// turn this into an image object here
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I believe that, with ImageCFC, you need to step down to Java in order to create an image. There is an Image.cfc that is part of MangoBlog's asset manager that has a very nice example of a createImage function that utilizes Java's BufferedImage object.

MangoBlog Image.cfc

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Cool good idea, thanks. – Spaceships Apr 25 '12 at 14:17

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