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I create one new application.i add the contact from address book see the code below but how to edit this add contact from address book i don't know .

can any one have know then give the sample code or idea.

thanx in advance give your valuable time for me.

//code for add contact in contact list 

ABRecordRef aRecord = ABPersonCreate(); 
CFErrorRef  anError = NULL; 
ABRecordSetValue(aRecord, kABPersonFirstNameProperty, 
                 txtfirstname.text, &anError); 
ABRecordSetValue(aRecord, kABPersonLastNameProperty, 
                 txtlastName.text, &anError); 
ABRecordSetValue(aRecord, kABPersonBirthdayProperty, 
                 [datepick date], &anError); 
ABRecordSetValue(aRecord, kABPersonPhoneProperty, 
                 txtMobileNo, &anError); 
ABRecordSetValue(aRecord, kABPersonEmailProperty, 
                 txtEmailID, &anError); 
if (anError != NULL) 
    NSLog(@"error while creating..");
CFStringRef firstName, lastName,birthDay; 
firstName = ABRecordCopyValue(aRecord, kABPersonFirstNameProperty); 
lastName  = ABRecordCopyValue(aRecord, kABPersonLastNameProperty); 
birthDay  = ABRecordCopyValue(aRecord, kABPersonBirthdayProperty); 

ABMutableMultiValueRef email = ABMultiValueCreateMutable(kABMultiStringPropertyType);
ABMultiValueAddValueAndLabel(email, txtEmailID.text, CFSTR("email"), NULL);
ABRecordSetValue(aRecord, kABPersonEmailProperty, email, &anError);

ABMutableMultiValueRef multiPhone =  ABMultiValueCreateMutable(kABMultiStringPropertyType);
ABMultiValueAddValueAndLabel(multiPhone,txtMobileNo.text, kABPersonPhoneMainLabel, NULL);
ABRecordSetValue(aRecord, kABPersonPhoneProperty, multiPhone,nil);

UIImage *personImage;   
personImage = tempimage;
NSData *dataRef = UIImagePNGRepresentation(personImage); 
CFDataRef dr = CFDataCreate(NULL, [dataRef bytes], [dataRef length]);
CFErrorRef error = NULL; 

ABPersonSetImageData(aRecord, dr, &error);  

ABAddressBookRef addressBook; 
addressBook = ABAddressBookCreate(); 

BOOL isAdded = ABAddressBookAddRecord (addressBook,aRecord,&error);

if (error != NULL) {
    NSLog(@"ABAddressBookAddRecord %@", error);
error = NULL;

BOOL isSaved = ABAddressBookSave (addressBook,&error);

    UIAlertView* alertView = [[UIAlertView alloc] initWithTitle:@"Contact Save"
                                                        message:nil delegate:self 
                                              cancelButtonTitle:@"Dismiss" otherButtonTitles:nil];
    [alertView show];
    [alertView release];

if (error != NULL) 
    NSLog(@"ABAddressBookSave %@", error);

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Apple's sample project QuickContacts covers this:

i hope it's helpful to you.

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