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I am trying to get a repetitive task done using Watir and I am having difficulties, need your help with it. I have the below code for the button:

<button class="ppm_button " onclick="submitForm('page','more=1');" type="button">
  <img border="0" align="absmiddle" title="Add and Select More" alt="Add and Select More" style="width: 11px; height: 8px; background: url("ui/uitk/images/nde.png") no-repeat scroll 0px 0px transparent;" src="ui/uitk/images/s.gif" >
  &nbsp;Add and Select More

I try to get the xpath using firebug and use the same xpath to run the script on ff, it fails. I am having hard time giving an appropriate xpath to recognize the object.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Provide your xpath please. And try something like this //img[@title='Add and Select More'] – Aleh Douhi Apr 25 '12 at 13:56
I recommend against using xpath unless it's absolutely necessary. – Dave McNulla Apr 25 '12 at 16:49
yeah, avoid xpath, I've never had to use it with watir. Code reads better without it. If neither answer below works for you, is this thing inside a frame by any chance? – Chuck van der Linden Apr 25 '12 at 19:29
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You should be able to get this avoiding xpath.

Try using a Watir selector like:

b.img(:src => "ui/uitk/images/s.gif")

You should then be able to append whatever you want to do with the element on to the end e.g. .click

This is going off of the available properties at https://github.com/watir/watir/wiki/HTML-Elements-Supported-by-Watir but I'm not sure what version of Watir you're using, or how up to date that list is.

According to it you could also use:

b.img(:alt => "Add and Select More")
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I would avoid xpath unless nothing else works, it tends to make for code that is ugly and hard to read compared to other ways of identifying the element you need.

I think what @anonygoose has ought to work, but if it does not another thing to try would be click the button itself, which could be done as follows (note I am presuming you want to click the button, otherwise replace .click with some other method as appropriate)

browser.button(:class => 'ppm_button ').click


browser.button(:text => /Add and Select More/).click

or if for some weird reason neither of those work, you could use one of these

browser.img(:src => "ui/uitk/images/s.gif").parent.click

browser.img(:alt => "Add and Select More").parent.click

If none of those work for you please edit your question and include which ones you have tried and what message you get as a result.

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