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I know this seems like yet-another post on the subject but the other posts did not help me.

I'm trying to logout my facebook user from my webiste through c# SDK (version 5.4.1) but I can't find a single clue on how to do this. I only find how to do this with previous versions, or javascript logout (which I don't want). I've also seen this post Cannot Logout of Facebook with Facebook C# SDK but I don't know how to get the access token through C# SDK and I even don't know if this method is indeed working.

Thanks in advance.

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Navigate to

Make sure your next url is not any random url but the url which is part of the site url.

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Thank you for your answer, but I also wrote on my question "but I don't know how to get the access token through C# SDK". – DaughterOfTheCelticMoon Apr 26 '12 at 9:01
Even if I take the accessToken from Javascript SDK (which isn't really what I wanted) and I try this: string logoutUrl = String.Format( "{0}&next={1}", accessToken, Url.Action("Index", "Support" ) ); return Redirect( logoutUrl ); It's not working! I also entered localhost:46678/Support instead of Url.Action but nothing changed! "The given path's format is not supported." – DaughterOfTheCelticMoon Apr 26 '12 at 9:35

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