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I am working to create a web app using GWT+Java backend. The host page is "App.html" The app also has a RPC, and the host page when initially loaded, makes an RPC call.

However this is the message I am getting from Javascript console in Google Chrome browser-

POST http://app.sparkcrawler.com/com.arvindikchari.auth.App/AuthenticationService 404(Not Found) 

Given below are the contents of my web.xml--

<?xml version................................>

What am I doing wrong here? How do I resolve this error?

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The problem is with your servlet mapping.

Basically, you have two things in web.xml (regarding servlets):

  • the <servlet> tag, which defines the alias for the servlet, and its fully-qualified name (In your case AuthenticationService and com.arvindikchari.auth.server.AuthenticationServiceImpl)

    the <servlet-mapping> which specifies a url-pattern for a given alias (taken from the <servlet> definitions).

It should be like

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I think your servlet mapping url pattern looks wrong.

normally when mapping any servlet <url-pattern> would be like this.

<`<url-pattern>/{app name}/{servlet name}</url-pattern>`

here app name would be same as registered app name which is in gwt.xml file.

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