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I have the following:

if (mobile.matches("[0-9]{6,20}")) {

But would like to replace the {6,20} with variable values due to them been dynamic in some cases.


int minValue = 11;
int maxValue = 20

if (mobile.matches("[0-9]{minValue,maxValue}")) {

How can I include variables in the Reg Exp?


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Use Java's simple string concatenation, using the plus sign.

if (mobile.matches("[0-9]{" + minValue + "," + maxValue + "}")) {

Indeed, as Michael suggested compiling it is better for performance if you use it a lot.

Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile("[0-9]{" + minValue + "," + maxValue + "}");

Then use it when needed like this:

Matcher m = pattern.matcher(mobile);
if (m.matches()) {
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You can precompile the regex matcher if you're going to use it frequently and the values will not change. –  Michael Shopsin Apr 25 '12 at 14:19
That works, I just thought there might be some other recommended way. Cheers Martijn...and Andy. –  Thomas Buckley Apr 25 '12 at 14:20

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