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I'm getting a NullPointerException:

public void llenardatos(SQLiteDatabase db, int pos) {

    ImgVector = new ImageView[50];
    String[] id = new String[] { String.valueOf(pos + 1) }; 

    EditText txttipo = (EditText) mContentView.findViewById(R.id.Txttipo);
    EditText spalto = (EditText) mContentView.findViewById(R.id.Txtalto);
    EditText splargo = (EditText) mContentView.findViewById(R.id.TxtLargo);
    EditText spancho = (EditText) mContentView.findViewById(R.id.Txtancho);
    EditText sobser = (EditText) mContentView
    EditText sphora = (EditText) mContentView.findViewById(R.id.Txthora);
    EditText txtfecha = (EditText) mContentView.findViewById(R.id.txtfecha);
    TextView txtlati = (TextView) mContentView
    TextView txtlongi = (TextView) mContentView

    Critico cr = new Critico();
    cr.seleccionar(db, id);
    txttipo.setText("" + cr.getTipo());
    spalto.setText("" + cr.getAlto());
    splargo.setText("" + cr.getLargo());
    spancho.setText("" + cr.getAncho());
    sobser.setText("" + cr.getObservaciones());
    txtfecha.setText("" + cr.getFecha());
    txtlati.setText("" + cr.getLatitud());
    txtlongi.setText("" + cr.getLongitud());

    FotoCritico fc = new FotoCritico();
    ArrayList<String> datos = fc.seleccionartodos(db, id);
    int i = datos.size();
    for (int contador = 0; contador < i; contador++) {
        String dato = datos.get(contador);
        Uri imgUri = Uri.parse(dato);

        LinearLayout.LayoutParams lparams4 = new LinearLayout.LayoutParams(
                500, 250, 1f);
        ImgVector[contador] = new ImageView(getActivity());
        ImgVector[contador].setPadding(0, 10, 0, 10);
        // personas++;

I'm getting a NullPointerException:

04-25 08:39:57.630: E/AndroidRuntime(3358): FATAL EXCEPTION: main
04-25 08:39:57.630: E/AndroidRuntime(3358): java.lang.NullPointerException
04-25 08:39:57.630: E/AndroidRuntime(3358):     at android.view.ViewConfiguration.get(ViewConfiguration.java:276)

Eclipse is not reporting a syntax error. What did I do wrong?

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Keep debug point at FragConsultaCritico.java at line number 108 and check which one is getting null by placing your cursor on all the used variables in that line. – Pavandroid Apr 25 '12 at 14:39
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A java.lang.NullPointerException happens when you try to access an object that has the value null. The variable 'lyn', or 'ImgVector[contador]' has the value null when when you are trying to use it.

To find out which variable has the value null, put some if statements in there:

if (lyn == null)
  Log.d("error", "lyn has null");

if (ImgVector[contador] == null)
  Log.d("error", "ImgVector[contador] has null");

Put these lines throughout the code, and the if statement should evaluate to true, and this will be the spot where you need to make sure the variables are instantiated.

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