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Is there any function/stored procedure in PostgreSQL/plpgsql which is same as the javascripts encodeURI?

What does it mean? Javascript have a handy built in function to encode any kind of url:

encodeURI(url) -> returns the encoded url

For example: encodeURI('ão_Paulo') -> returns a String which is ""

I looking for exactly the same.

I don't want to encode each parameters separately. I don't want a function like javascript encodeURIComponent which is not the same. The example above results a different output with


-> ""

It's encode the whole string not just the path part. So this is not what I'm looking for. I need a plpgsql function which results equivalent output to javascript function encodeURI.


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I wrote PostgreSQL extensions url_enocode that solve this issue

postgres=# select url_encode('ão_Paulo');


postgres=# select uri_encode('ão_Paulo');
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This seems the closest solution what I need... – Roki Apr 30 '12 at 6:38
Maybe I modify it a little bit... It has a bug, after protocol (http)... If you add c == ':' on the 95th line, it will work perfectly... (and line 154 also... to be consistent) – Roki Apr 30 '12 at 6:49
This is only initial version - I'll add a functions uri_encode and uri_decode, cannot to modify like you propose, because : is reserved chars. – Pavel Stehule Apr 30 '12 at 14:01
I uploaded new version that support same semantic like javascript functions. – Pavel Stehule May 2 '12 at 12:41
Pavel, thank you! Maybe you need to modify your answer. – Roki May 2 '12 at 13:20

Slow and inefficient, consider doing C version of this function:

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION urlencode(in_str text, OUT _result text)
    STRICT IMMUTABLE AS $urlencode$
    _i      int4;
    _temp   varchar;
    _ascii  int4;
    _result = '';
    FOR _i IN 1 .. length(in_str) LOOP
        _temp := substr(in_str, _i, 1);
        IF _temp ~ '[0-9a-zA-Z:/@._?#-]+' THEN
            _result := _result || _temp;
            _ascii := ascii(_temp);
            IF _ascii > x'07ff'::int4 THEN
                RAISE EXCEPTION 'Won''t deal with 3 (or more) byte sequences.';
            END IF;
            IF _ascii <= x'07f'::int4 THEN
                _temp := '%'||to_hex(_ascii);
                _temp := '%'||to_hex((_ascii & x'03f'::int4)+x'80'::int4);
                _ascii := _ascii >> 6;
                _temp := '%'||to_hex((_ascii & x'01f'::int4)+x'c0'::int4)
            END IF;
            _result := _result || upper(_temp);
        END IF;
    RETURN ;
$urlencode$ LANGUAGE plpgsql;


# select urlencode('ão_Paulo');
-[ RECORD 1 ]------------------------------------------
urlencode |
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Oh, thank you! I'm searching for a built in function or a postgres library to install which contains this kind of function. I'm optimistic, an I think somebody did it before us, becaue it is a simple/everyday problem... I did also nearly the same stored procedure, but as you wrote too, it's inefficent and slow. And yes as you mentioned native C version is the only way to make it scream... So, my question is about what to install, what to use, which is the best library for this, not write a code type... :-) – Roki Apr 26 '12 at 8:45

With PL/V8...cheating?

create function encode_uri(text) returns text language plv8 strict immutable as $$
  return encodeURI($1);
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