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Sorry for the long post !

I have system that will be placed in a big store.

Users can see a list of products based on filters, see each product's info and so on.

In addition, they have the ability to subscribe for notifications about product categories, meaning - a client can ask to be notified when there is a new product is found in the 'TOY' category or in the 'FOOD' category.

The system has a service that automatically matches products with categories based on rules.

The system will be a 3-tier system (service layer, business layer, data access layer).

Clients use a WPF app to connect to one WCF service (product service) to perform actions, like:

  • Get Products
  • Get Categories
  • View Product Info
  • Approve Category for Product
  • Reject Category for Product

In addition, the WPF app connects to an additional service (notifications service) in a duplex manner to show notifications like:

  • Product-Category Possible Match
  • Category 'xxx' was rejected for product 'yyy'
  • Category 'xxx' was approved for product 'yyy'

So this is what the system will look like:

Link To Image Link To Image

My Question is :
One of the client might want to start getting notifications about products of type 'TOYS'. Should the 'AddCategoryTrack' function be in the 'Notifications Service' or in the 'Product Service' ?

Approach 1 : put the 'Add Category Track' and 'Remove Category Track' operations in the 'Notifications Service', because once the client requests to get notifications of a new category, he needs to get all the existing products of that category right away.

Approach 2 : put the 'Add Category Track' and 'Remove Category Track' operations in the 'Product Service' and have them call an operation on the 'Notification Service' called 'Notify Client Of All Products From Category'. This way, the notification service remains only a notification service, and not a service that also communicates with the client (separation of concerns).

I have several problems with this design:

  1. Which approach should I use for the operations 'Add New Track' + 'Remove Track' + 'Update Track' ? (the previous 2 paragraphs)
  2. Is it OK for the client to connect to 2 services - one for performing operations, and one for receiving notifications from ?
  3. Is it OK to have one service calling functions on the other, like in my design - the 'Product Service' is calling the 'Notify Clients Of New Match' function on the 'Notification Service' ?
  4. I wanted to have the notification service use 'SqlDependency' to track changes in the relevant database tables, and thus not require the other 2 services to tell it 'something has changed, notify the clients', but some people have told me it is not good practice.
  5. My 'Notifications Service' will have to be a Singleton, cause it stores a list of the connected clients for notification purposes. How can I make sure that operations that are called in that service are done serially ? Cause I have the following scenario that could be bad:

    • Client 1 call 'product service' to reject the category 'FOOD' for a product (toy-train)
    • 'product service' updates the database that the product doesn't match the category 'FOOD'
    • 'product service' tells 'notification service' to inform all users that are tracking the 'FOOD' category that the product 'toy-train' is no longer in that category
    • 'product service' calls 'matching service' to tell it to find a new category match for the product
    • 'matching service' finds a new category for the product - 'TOYS'
    • 'matching service' tells 'notification service' to inform all users that are tracking the category 'TOYS' that the product 'toy-train' was found for that category

So I just want to make sure that the notification to all the users that 'toy-train' was rejected from 'FOOD' category will be send before the notification that 'toy-train' was matched to 'TOYS' category. This can be done only if my notification service is sending messages serially, right ?

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