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I have a variable with the following value:
I need to convert it to:
SER1, SER2, SER11, SER17, SER2
In other words I need to pad to the left of each number the words SER
How to accomplish this with PHP?

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preg_replace is the function you want. –  OmnipotentEntity Apr 25 '12 at 15:05

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You could use a regular expression to replace each number with SER prepended to the number: preg_replace('/(\d+)/', 'SER$1', '1,2,11,17,2');

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That did the trick!, So easy, yet so obvious!. +1 to @jhon-himmelman for quickness. –  Rafael Garcia Apr 25 '12 at 16:58

You can use array_map to iterate through the array and prepend the string.


$array = array(1,2,11,17,2);

$new_array = array_map(function($value) {
    return 'STR' . $value;
}, $array);


Edit: Disregard, I thought you were working with an array.

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Use concatenate for the first 'SER' and then use the replace function.

$StringVar=str_replace(" ,",", SER",$StringVar) 
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In the example of array_walk, you see this code:

$fruits = array("d" => "lemon", "a" => "orange", "b" => "banana", "c" => "apple");

function test_alter(&$item1, $key, $prefix)
    $item1 = "$prefix: $item1";

function test_print($item2, $key)
    echo "$key. $item2<br />\n";

echo "Before ...:\n";
array_walk($fruits, 'test_print');

array_walk($fruits, 'test_alter', 'fruit');
echo "... and after:\n";

array_walk($fruits, 'test_print');

The above example will output:

Before ...:
d. lemon
a. orange
b. banana
c. apple
... and after:
d. fruit: lemon
a. fruit: orange
b. fruit: banana
c. fruit: apple
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You would have to convert the string to an array, first using explode(); –  MB34 Apr 25 '12 at 15:12

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