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I'm using the following code to create some timeslect and date select objects using activeadmin and formtastic. The result generates two timeselects and a date select object as the correspoinding data field types are time and date. The problem is that when I submit the form I get a ActiveModel::MassAssignmentSecurity error

<%= f.inputs :class=>'inputs', :for=>Schedule.new do |fu| %>
  <%= fu.input :eta, :label=>"ETA", :ignore_date=>true %>
  <%= fu.input :etd, :label=>"ETD", :ignore_date=>true %>
  <%= fu.input :date, :ignore_time=>true %>
<% end %>

When posting the etd and eta fields are posted as arrays - is there a way to get the actual values of them cleanly?

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I can't know for sure what your problem is without seeing the models in question, but my best guess is that you've got an issue with accepts_nested_attributes_for and attr_accessible.

On the model represented by the parent form, you will need:

has_one :schedule    #assuming it's has_one, could be something else...
accepts_nested_attributes_for :schedule
attr_accessible :schedule_details

Note that the association name in attr_accessible is appended with _details. If you just have the association name, Rails will throw an exception.

Does this look like it could be the issue?

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Not really - the time_select fields return back an array and not the actual time values, I'm actually doing some custom actions on the post back from the controller here. –  Ali May 22 '12 at 8:06

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