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I work on Java project. How I can push only source directory without temporary files, build files and project files? I use Mercurial.

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Mercurial will only push history, which means that it is only things that you have asked it to track (with hg add) and later committed (with hg commit) that will be pushed.

So like Jim says, you should setup .hgignore file. Do this before adding files to your project and double-check that hg status only lists files you want to add. Then run hg add to add them all.

If you've already put the temporary files and build artifacts under version control, then you can either use hg forget to stop tracking them. You'll still carry them around in the history, so if we've talking about tens of megabytes, then you probably want to re-create the repository.

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Create an .hgignore file.

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