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I have json that looks like:

myjson = {"queries":{"F.SP": 27}}

so with

queryResults = JObject.Parse(jsonString)

I can do

firstToken = queryResults.SelectToken("queries") 

and get back the LinqJToken

{"F.SP": 27}

but I'm then stuck, because when I try

subToken = firstToken.SelectToken("F.SP")

I get Nothing. I'm guessing this is because JSON.net is looking for a token "F" with subtoken "SP".

I've also tried each of the following, to no avail

myToken = queryResults.SelectToken("queries.F.SP")     
myToken = queryResults.SelectToken("queries[0].F.SP")     

(queryResults.SelectToken("queries[0]") returns nothing, fwiw)

Any ideas?

EDIT: I have verified that the embedded "." is the problem; if I change the original json to

{"queries":{"FSP": 27}}

I can do


no problem

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This won't return the token itself, but will return the value (which is probably what you're looking for anyway)...

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JObject obj = JObject.Parse(jsonstring);
var fsp = obj["queries"].First().First();

Not the most elegant but it gets the value.

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Instead of trying to use SelectToken, how about an index search?

subToken = queryResults["F.SP"];
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