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I have a successful query that currently returns all data except for one table. The last table contains meta data where it is a one to many relationship (one product, multiple records with related data).

Is there a way to append a field with a value to the end of an existing query so that I can still access the record set in PHP with a mysql_fetch_array() command?

essentially I want to query for any records with the product ID, and then append multiple additional fields.

After thinking about it i was actually wondering if I can include an array within the records set (i.e. the array of results for the meta data) and access that through PHP?

Working Query:

SELECT offers.*, c.short_name AS sponsorName, c.logo AS sponsorLogo 
FROM offers LEFT JOIN sponsors AS c ON c.id=offers.sponsor ORDER BY end_date ASC


ID: 43875
category: 1
state: CO
city: Denver
zip: 80221
sponsor: 1
title: The coolest thing ever
duration: 2 years
price: 10
frequency:: Month

Second query that gets the right meta data-

SELECT mo.`name` AS meta_value FROM offer_metas 
LEFT JOIN meta_options AS mo ON mo.id = offer_metas.meta_option 
WHERE offer_id='48735' ORDER BY meta_option ASC


'5-10 tickets'
'General Admission'

I want to add those two fields to the record up top .. but don't know how to append all fields within a query result into a single already existing record.


Query has been adjusted to account for GROUP_CONCAT as follows

s.short_name AS sponsorName,
s.logo AS sponsorLogo,
GROUP_CONCAT( mn.title) titles,
GROUP_CONCAT( mo.`name`) metas
FROM offers
LEFT JOIN sponsors AS s ON s.id = offers.sponsir
INNER JOIN offer_metas ON offer_metas.offer_id = offers.id
INNER JOIN meta_options as mo ON offer_metas.meta_option = mo.id
INNER JOIN meta_names as mn ON mo.category = mn.category AND mo.cat_seq = mn.seq
ORDER BY end_date ASC

data results looked good including 2 fields called "titles" and "metas" that looked like this

titles: 'Number of Tickets,Purchased Seats'
metas: '5-10,General Administration'

now THOSE .. I can work with in PHP .. and since they have the same number of elements i'll just parse them into an array i can better work with :)

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I tried doing multiple left joins to accomplish this .. but it kept duplicating the product record for each "meta" value that i left joined ... trying to keep it in one record. –  Silvertiger Apr 25 '12 at 15:45
I don't think this is possible; the closest you might get is to use GROUP_CONCAT to combine the second query's results into a single record, then explode in PHP on the same delimiter. On the other hand, if every record in the first query gives rise to the same number of records in the second, you could pivot the second query onto the end of the first (although since MySQL doesn't have any native support for pivoting, this would have to be a rather ugly manual hack) - but why do you want to do this? What's wrong with the status quo? –  eggyal Apr 25 '12 at 15:54
mainly i want to display the results in a table .. and i can't set the php/html for column widths etc because there are columns for each of the meta data... :( ... if i have it all in one record .. problem solved. –  Silvertiger Apr 25 '12 at 16:09
Ah, I see. Then maybe GROUP_CONCAT is exactly what you're after. –  eggyal Apr 25 '12 at 16:11
unfortunately the number of meta data canges for each query .. si could have 1 this time, 2 next time .. the meta_data is a one to namy table (one offer, multiple records containing the same "offer" and diferent "metadata") –  Silvertiger Apr 25 '12 at 16:12
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Further to your comments above, it sounds like GROUP_CONCAT() will give you what you're after. It won't return the meta_values as an array, but rather as a string (e.g. with each value separated by <br/> in order that they can be emitted directly as HTML):

  c.short_name AS sponsorName,
  c.logo AS sponsorLogo,
  GROUP_CONCAT(mo.name ORDER BY meta_option ASC SEPARATOR '<br/>') AS meta_values
  LEFT JOIN sponsors     AS c  ON c.id       = offers.sponsor
  LEFT JOIN offer_metas  AS o  ON o.offer_id = offers.id
  LEFT JOIN meta_options AS mo ON mo.id      = offer_metas.meta_option
ORDER BY end_date ASC;

Note that, if you need to escape the meta values for any HTML they might contain, you'll need to choose a different separator (perhaps U+001E, INFORMATION SEPARATOR TWO?) and have PHP replace that separator with suitable HTML after escaping any contained HTML.

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yeah .. after doing a bit of reseach I have a final working query .. changed the database a little .. but i'll add it to my solution above. Baically i will take the values of a given field and split it with PHP to get my colum nheaders and then do the same for the data columns .. "Brilliant" .. you guys rock! –  Silvertiger Apr 25 '12 at 16:33
I have added my final query and the working results above. –  Silvertiger Apr 25 '12 at 16:40
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