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I m pretty new with Solr and I would like to use it for the search on a Q&A website (Quora like) I m building.

Here is how Questions and Anwsers are : Question - Title - Description - Tags (social tags) - Score (score comes from user up/down vote the question)

Answers - Description - Tags - Score (score comes from user up/down vote the answer)

Of course you can have as many answer to a question as you want.

There will be three type of documents that need to be index : questions, articles, ...

What would be the best strategy in terms of index to make the Questions and Answers searchable ?

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If you're using the DataImportHandler, you can have an <entity> for the question and then specify a sub-entities for the answers. For example:

<document name="questions">
  <entity name="question" query="select id, question from questions">
    <field column="id" name="id" />
    <field column="question" name="question" />

    <entity name="answer" 
        query="select question_id, answer from answers"
      <field name="answer" column="answer" />


Note that this example uses CachedSqlEntityProcessor to avoid hitting the database unnecessarily.

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