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I've got table/entity A. I've also got table/entity B. B inherits from A. (B has a foreign key to A)

So far, no problem. EF is happy.

I have table/entity C which has a collection of B. I add a foreign key in table B to C.

When I update my model, EF creates a relationship from C to A, not B. It is treating the table B as a type of associative table between C and A.

I hope I've described this situation well enough.

In any case, is there a way to accomplish what I want? I want C to have a collection of Bs not As.


In the EDMX editor, I manually deleted the association EF created, then I manually created my own desired association. I then had to map the association to the correct table. So far it seems to be working... but I wonder if there is a better way than my manual intervention.

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You should bind to PrimaryKey of B to C. Can you show what columns you are using for relationships? –  Anurag Ranjhan Apr 25 '12 at 16:07
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