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I made some simplifications of my original code just to focus on the problem.

I have this set of classes:

abstract class A(n: String){
   def name = n

abstract class B[T](n: String) extends A(n){
   def printT(t: T) = println(t)

object B{
   def unapply[T](b: B[T]) = Some(b.name)

case class C extends B[Int]("integer")

Now I want to discover on a List of As what extends B and then use printT. Something like this:

val list = List(C)

list match{
   case b @ B(_) => b.printT(2) 

On the line case b @ B(_) => b.printT(2) I got:

found   : Int(2)
required: T where type T
case b @ B(_) => b.printT(2)

Probly this problem would be solved if I could associate the T on the object that I want to use the T of the class. Any way to solve this?

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There are a few things wrong with your code.

1) Case classes should be declared with a parameter list: case class C()

2) To instantiate a C, you need to write C(). List(C) is a List[C.type] but List(C()) is a List[C], which is what you want.

3) list match doesn't make sense if your case is a B: list is a List, so it can never be a B. Perhaps you meant list foreach, which will do the match on each element in the list?

Here's a corrected version of your code that prints 2 as expected.

case class C() extends B[Int]("integer")

val list = List(C())

list foreach {
  case b @ B(_) => b.printT(2)

Additionally, the b @ B(_) syntax looks a bit weird to me since there's no point in extracting B if you're not going to use its parts. You could, instead, just match on the type:

list foreach {
  case b: B[Int] => b.printT(2)
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Fixed all the problems. Some of them was disctraction when I was simplifying my code. Thanks :) –  Tiago Almeida Apr 25 '12 at 17:06

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