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I recently started working on java3D. Currently I am working on a java3D racing game. I just wanted to know is it possible to add objects (i.e. scenegraph nodes nodes) e.g. spehere, box, etc. to a scene graph which has been compiled.

If i want to add an object onto a graph on a keyPress event, or on a timing event how can it be done?

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Yes, you can add and remove BranchGroups from the universe scene graph dynamically.

Typically each BranchGroup is compiled into a single mesh internally for faster rendering.

So you can make your sphere, car mesh, etc a child of a BranchGroup, and then add that BranchGroup as a child of the main BranchGroup.

You may also need to set MyBranchGroup.setCapability( Group.ALLOW_CHILDREN_EXTEND ); to allow adding children.

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hey, i tried it, and it worked :) thnks –  2am May 5 '12 at 11:56

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