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Cladd.addname = function(name)
    line 1 $("#foo").append('<option value= "' + name>  name </option> );

 line 2 //<option value="name1"> name1 </option>


what is the error in the syntax in line 1 ? i want it to be like line 2


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Are you trying to do this ?

$("#foo").append('<option value="' + name + '">'+  name + '</option>');

You didn't reopen the string after you appended name.

$("#foo").append('<option value= "' + name>  name </option> );
//                                        ^ string ends here

Fixed Code:

$("#foo").append('<option value= "' + name +'">' + name +'< /option>');
 //                                         ^ open a new string

If you use an editor with syntax highlighting, you should be able to see what the problem is. See:

$("#foo").append('<option value= "' + name>  name </option> );


$("#foo").append('<option value= "' + name + '">' + name + '</option>' );


 <select id="foo">


var Cladd={}; // Don't use this line if you have already an object
Cladd.addname = function(name) // you can also add another variable here, i.e. 'targetElem' to replace the static #foo and can pass the #foo as second argument.
    $("#foo").append('<option value= "' + name+'">'+name+'</option>');

Example one and Example two.