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I would like to fetch user-uploaded or owner-uploaded photos of locations using some Google API.

For example: In this place: , you can see an owner-uploaded photo of this place in the place's popup window on the map. Additionally, if you click on this photo, you'll be taken to a more detailed page about this place where you can see a list of photos uploaded either by the owner or other google users.

Is there any way to fetch these photos by using the Google Maps API?

(Please note: I have checked out Panoramio and Google Street View API and these do not suit my needs)

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What you're looking at is a Google Place. You would access this data using the Google Places API.

Update: You're right. The API mentions an icon URL that's included in a place details response, but doesn't seem to indicate all the owner uploaded images.

What I recommend is attending the Google Maps API office hours on May 1, 2012 at 13:00 Pacific Time. There is a Google Moderator set up to post questions before hand. You can attend the hangout using Google Plus (make sure to follow +Google Maps API) or they stream them to YouTube live.

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I know, the thing is, as much as I've searched the Google Places API I couldn't find a way to fetch these photos I mentioned. – Alexandros Apr 25 '12 at 18:08

There is no way to get that photo at this point. The Google Places API does not support retrieving the photo.

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