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I got a wxWidgets form with a progress bar on it and i update the progress from a thread using my own custom wxWidget event. This works fine except the fact is the form only shows the progress update when i move the mouse. I have tried adding Refresh() and Update() after the new progress value is set but with no luck.

Am i doing something wrong or is this a glitch with wxWidgets?

Windows 7 visual studio 2005 c++


This is my current thread callback:

EVENT_CALLBACK_PTR_CPP(onProgress, UploadProgPage)
    updateInfo* temp = static_cast<updateInfo*>(ptr);

    if (temp)
    	wxOnUploadUpdateEvent event(wxEVT_UPLOAD_UPDATE, GetId(), temp, UPDATE_PROGRESS);

And the progress update:

void UploadProgPage::onUpdate(wxOnUploadUpdateEvent &event)
    if (event.type == UPDATE_PROGRESS)

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I worked it out. Its because of SetTopWindow(); When i remove this line from my app all events are processed in due time.

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