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I have a mvc application. I am trying to call a javascript function (say Create) in the controller action code...my idea here is that when a user hits http://localhost/somecontroller/someaction/id.. the controller should run the Create function..in this function i am using xhrget to get the information from a webservice and it writes to the view..now my question is how do i call the Create function in the controller

here is the Create function

Create: function (obj)
var xhrGet1 = dXhr.get({
                url: "http://localhost/SomeService/parameter?id=" + obj.id,
                handleAs: "json",
                headers: { 'accept': 'application/json' }

Here is how i started the controller and not able to move forward with this...Any ideas?

Function somecontroller (id As string) As ...

Thank you.

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If you're trying to directly call the Create function that presumably lives in your client-side javascript code using somecontroller, you'll want to do something like this in your ActionResult method that intercepts the initial request that lives in somecontroller:

ViewBag.Id = id

And then in your .cshtml view you would have to add this function on your page load (either $(document).ready() { ... } with jQuery or simply window.onload = function() { ... }:

someObj.Create({id: @ViewBag.Id});

BUT there are better ways to do this. One simple solution may be to simply call the http://localhost/SomeService/ in your controller and pass the result as a strongly-typed model to your view?

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Thank you TimDog...with this "One simple solution may be to simply call the localhost/SomeService in your controller and pass the result" actually the service is a rest service and i cant add the reference in the project and generate a proxy to use. How do i call the service directly in the controller in this scenario? –  Newbie Apr 25 '12 at 17:56
look up these third party libraries: hammock or restsharp to make it easy on yourself to call RESTful services from .NET. (no proxies involved) –  TimDog Apr 26 '12 at 18:15

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