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I am trying to determine whether a user is logged into Facebook or not. In the case that I am working with I would like to force him to log into my site even if he is logged into facebook already and has previously given me permissions.

$params = array(
  'ok_session' => 'http://localhost/fb_connect?ok_session=1',
  'no_user' => 'http://localhost/fb_connect?no_user=1',
  'no_session' => 'http://localhost/fb_connect?no_session=1',
$next_url = $facebook->getLoginStatusUrl($params);

I was trying to use the code above (per the instructions on to determine what flow I need to guide my users through, but in the case when there is 'no_session' aka nobody is logged into Facebook, instead of getting the 'no_session' url specified by the $params, I get the message Application Error on the facebook "check login status page" Any suggestions are welcome

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You're correct, its broken:

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