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I'm trying to understand how to map a foreign key when the foreign object have a composite id.

class Sector {

  int sectorId

  static belongsTo = [ company: Company ]

  static mapping = {
    id composite: ['company','sectorId']
    company(column: 'company_id')
    table 'sectors'


class Overtime {
  java.util.Date date
  static belongsTo = [ sector: Sector, employee: Employee ]
  static mapping = {
    id composite: ['date','employee']

class Employee {
  long employeeId
  String name
  static mapping = {
    table 'employees'
    version false
    id column: 'employee_id', name: 'employeeId'

  static hasMany = [ overtimes : Overtime ]


class Company {
  String companyCode
  String companyName

  static mapping = {
    version false
    table 'companies'
    id column: 'company_id',name: 'companyCode'

  static hasMany = [sectors : Sector]


But this mapping gives me the error:

.hibernate.MappingException: Foreign key (FK9E82D8D2219D889E:overtime [sector_id, company_id,sectors_sector_id,sectors_sector_id])) must have same number of columns as the referenced primary key (sectors[company_id,sector_id])

What am I missing?

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Can you add code for all your domain objects ? –  allthenutsandbolts Apr 25 '12 at 19:07
@allthenutsandbolts I add the Employee and Company domains. –  Sérgio Michels Apr 25 '12 at 19:39

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