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Im looking for some help, i am working on adamnicolaou.com and i would like to centre the images on the design and photography pages vertically in the page they are already horizontally centred. heres the CSS i used to centre them

#content { 
    padding-bottom:60px;   /* Height of the footer */ 

I have tried margin:auto to set all margin:auto; but this doesn't work, neither does margin-top:auto; or margin-bottom:auto; could anybody help me out?



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auto cannot be used for top or bottom margins as you've already discovered. You need to "find" the height of the div and center it vertically with JavaScript... otherwise if you set a specific height with CSS, you can just position it with CSS. Also, please work on improving your 33% accept rate. –  Sparky Apr 25 '12 at 17:44

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You also need to set the parent's position type to absolute, like so:

#contentParent {
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